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We generate visibility and differentiate you and your brand in today's complex and competitive environment.

Strategic consultancy

We always create and implement our services from a solid baseline: strategy, something which requires us to have in-depth understanding of our client's business and their needs.

We provide guidance for our clients in areas of technological innovation and the latest communication trends.

We identify and formulate communications objectives and strategies, which we transpose into messages, adapting them to the profile of the audiences they are addressing. Finally, we structure the outline into an action plan, with dates, timelines and costs.

This is all brought together in a Communications Plan, a strategic reference document which is useful for the supervisor or company manager on a day-to-day basis.

Digital environment (2.0)

Nowadays any company or institution, whatever its size or activity, must as a matter of course have an online presence.

We develop digital and viral communications campaigns and manage the "conversations" which spring up about the brand on all sorts of social media. We manage and advise on tone, positioning and style of contents, structure and messages, with the purpose of building a consensual and consistent perception of your company that matches the image and awareness aims we have defined.

Content generation and creativity

We seek out communications opportunities which have a positive impact on the brand or company's reputation, in order to achieve a regular flow of attractive, interesting content, using the most appropriate communications channels.

Media relations

We decide and implement specific communications policies for crisis situations, moments in which effective communication is particularly vital.

A crisis communications policy involves identifying possible areas of risk and anticipating problems, then creating procedures and response protocols to minimise the conflict.

Internal communication

A key part of communication.

We provide advice in all aspects of defining and transmitting messages to employees, in a consistent manner and in line with the company's positioning, as a reinforcement of and complement to its external image.

Social responsibility, reputation and intangibles.

A discipline still in development which is increasingly important for companies.

We advise in all areas affecting the definition and implementation of responsible communication codes, in compliance with the sustainability and evaluation/reputation of these intangible assets.

Trade Fairs, events & ceremonies

From the communication point of view, events have a major impact on a company's public face: they are their most direct demonstration of its identity. So they must always be useful from a business perspective, and aligned with the company's strategic positioning.

We manage the presence of companies and institutions at trade fairs, ceremonies and events, whether they are for people in the public eye and senior management figures from the business world, or involving institutions and the political community.

Spokesperson media training

Identifying and providing technical training to company managers, in their role as representatives of the company with the outside world, is crucial.

We organise practical training sessions led by expert professionals, with the aim of giving participants the necesary tools to respond and interact effectively with the media.

"In company" resources

We offer the possibility of embedding specialists in the company communications team, so as to follow our client's day-to-day business more completely and provide them with a higher value service.